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  • Servistrade - obchodní společnost

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Obchod se zemědělskými hnojivy, komoditami a krmivy.

of our company

We trade in agricultural fertilizers, commodities and foodstuffs, and we also provide professional financial services. Our goal is to offer our customers complex services in agriculture.
Ing. Jiří Leskovec, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

SERVISTRADE s.r.o. was incorporated in 1998 as a family company focussed on trade with industrial fertilizers.
In the almost twenty years of existence it transformed to a modern business company operating at the markets throughout Europe. We have extended our portfolio of services with trade in agricultural commodities and feedstuffs and provision of complex services to our customers. We consider ensuring of transport of solid and liquid fertilizers and commodities, as well as their storing to be our natural responsibility.
In 2012 we established a daughter company AGNOVACHEM that deals in selling chemical preparations for the protection of plants.
We are striving to observe the trends because agriculture is one of the fastest developing fields. We are interested in the development of mobile applications for farmers, analyses, GPS, the use of drones, soil and vegetation monitoring, effective application, ecology, etc. So many new fields are originating within the intelligent agriculture, and we shall not stand aside. We cooperate with Czech universities concerning the options to use data from spectral analyses of bushes or with the domestic producers of drones.
We consider our eighteen years of experience at the markets in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Slovak Republic as a good image of our company. We are not a big company, which allows us to speedily decide and adapt to the clients’ needs, and to look for ideal solutions.
We are holders of the ISCC Certificate confirming savings in greenhouse gas emissions when using biofuels and bioliquids.
We have also succeeded in fulfilling the conditions of the GMP+ Certificate ensuring the health safety of foodstuffs.

We purchase agricultural commodities from our long-term business partners who gain an interesting financial advantage while working with us in the form of advantageous prices for their products. We mainly purchase cereals and oilseeds which we further sell under transparent conditions at the markets throughout Europe.

Chief executive officer - Servistrade s.r.o.

We offer financing of an array of unfinished agricultural products that are tailored according to the needs of our customers. We help our business partners to bridge the long-term production cycle and thus to ensure mutual balance between the optimal amount of inputs in vegetable production and the best possible disposal of their products.

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